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I believe in people. I believe therapy can be a vital tool for self-understanding and for relating well with the world. I believe that each of us has the innate skills and strengths to grow and thrive while holding the potential for rich and meaningful lives. While we can't change difficult situations or deep hurts of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve the impact of those events in our current lives and relationships.


I see therapy as an interactive, collaborative process; It is not a process where I know the answer and you do not. In my role as your therapist, I listen, talk, think, question, observe, teach, and challenge. My approach to therapy is best described as caring, compassionate, and nonjudgmental, and by applying a range of theoretical orientations, approaches and techniques, we will discover patterns that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life and the ability to heal, love and feel loved.


I am committed to providing depth-oriented psychotherapy from a Humanistic/Psychodynamic approach for you and /or your loved one. I adopted the Humanistic approach because it respects each individual as a whole. As a person-centered therapist I provide therapy that is geared toward the needs of each person. I strive to bring a warm, non-judgmental approach that provides a safe environment and opportunities to address both short and long terms goals, crisis situations, and long-term underlying issues. Together we can find a path to address challenges in your life.


Another important aspect of my work is the exploration of patterns that are no longer useful. Many of these patterns are rooted in a person’s past. I believe that most people need to visit the past in order to fully understand why they think, feel, and behave the way they do. Bringing this knowledge of the past into the present allows you to understand negative behaviors and allows you to take the steps necessary to change your life.


Grief, loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, ADHD, Asperger and the autism spectrum disorders, divorce, cultural diversity and adjustment, are among the different issues I have experience working with. I believe in long-term approaches yet work with short-term goals as well.


I believe that the therapeutic relationship can offer the opportunity to experience a different kind of relationship. If you need intensive support and guidance, or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, contact me and see if we are a good match. I work with adults, couples, school-age children, pre-teens, adolescents, and their families. 


When you contact me for an appointment, we will schedule an initial consultation to determine whether we work well together. If your needs fall outside the scope of my practice, or if there is not a good fit between us, I'll provide you with appropriate referrals to other qualified providers.


I look forward to working with you to achieve your life goals.







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