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In individual therapy, my focus is to resolve the issues that bring you to counseling and to help you establish or reestablish your life as a thriving, nurturing person. The first step is to help you identify the goals you seek to accomplish. Then, by using powerful yet gentle methods, our work together will support the forces of positive growth already present within you. 


Individual sessions are 50 minutes and can be offered in many different types or branches of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy strives to help people better understand themselves and their problems in order to cope with the demands of their daily lives.


Psychodynamic or psychoanalytic therapies strive for personal growth through insight into the subconscious as well as the conscious mind. The therapist uses techniques such as word association to help reveal feelings and wishes that may add insight into the client's actions and conscious thoughts. Since the focus in this type of therapy is on the mind and inner workings of the individual, psychoanalytic therapies are traditionally and typically done on an individual rather than group-therapy basis.


Some issues common in the work of individual therapy: overcoming depression, anxiety, stress; creating intimacy and trust; strengthening self-esteem; dealing with grief, loss, loneliness; loving without addiction; overcoming codependency; resolving sexual difficulties; healing childhood wounds related to alcoholism, incest, and other traumas; learning effective communication and anger release; developing your ability to express healthy emotions; overcoming money and power struggles; handling addictions and compulsive behaviors.

Individual Therapy

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